About Us

Abyssinia Kitchen, is a small family run business based on the Wirral, offering Ethiopian inspired cuisine showcasing their food to the great British public.

Hilina, who is the heart and soul of the business, has taken her love and skills from the kitchen and now wishes to share it with the world.

She began her journey to the UK in 2010 where she has now settled with her family of two girls and a loving husband. Hilina has turned what was merely a hobby of loving to entertain friends and family with her delicious Ethiopian homemade recipes into a business. With much praise for her food, an idea stuck that she had a talent and wanted to share it with everyone. The dawn of Abyssinia Kitchen came to life and it has gone on from strength to strength, continually building up a strong customer base.

In the kitchen, we endeavour to be inventive and creative with our recipe ideas to offer the most exciting flavours that will tantalise your taste buds. This is supported by our recent launch of ‘Berbere Kulet’, an authentic cook in sauce.

Hilina is very proud of her background and the vibrant culture that comes with it. She uses this passion to express the wonderful exotic and aromatic flavours of Ethiopia and she believes that all food should be cooked with fresh quality ingredients with no added preservatives.

Why Ethiopian Cuisine?

Ethiopian cuisine is one of the most distinct in Africa, and known for its unique flavours and use of local ingredients such as the spice blend, ’Berbere’ this essential spice is the epitome of Ethiopian cooking, and brings all our flavoursome dishes to life.

The history of Ethiopian food is fascinating in its own right. The mere fact that the food itself brings friends and family together to share from one communal platter, shows the powerful influence that food can have on each and every one of us.

Among food sharing tradition is to also feed one another, which is seen as an act of respect and love for one another. Taking time to feed your loved ones and the friends you care about is one of the greatest culinary traditions that exists today anywhere in the world. We want to deliver on taste and quality of ingredients, but we also believe that our food can reach out and touch your emotions as well.