Welcome to Abyssinia Kitchen Takeaway

Takeaways are available every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5pm. Pre-orders are encouraged in advance, contact us on 07872 169370 or email us on info@abyssiniakitchen.co.uk

We believe in using only the finest freshly sourced ingredients and take pride in delivering the most exciting and delicious takeaway meals for our customers. Our food has a varied selection of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options, so your meal can be tailored to suit specific dietary requirements. Please make us aware of any dietary requirements on placing your order and we will be happy to meet with your needs.

Please have a browse at the selection of foods on the menu.

Place your Pre-order

To pre-order a takeaway call 07872 169370 or enquire on info@abyssiniakitchen.co.uk